12 August 2012

Hancock County, Illinois, Naturalizations on FamilySearch

Regular readers know that I have a lot of family in Hancock County, Illinois.

FamilySearch recently added digital images of naturalization materials from Hancock County to their website. I've never used the microfilm copies of these records to be honest as I made paper copies from the originals years ago in my research.

It may take awhile, but I'm going to go through the digital format of these records and make digital images of my ancestors who either filed a declaration of intent in Hancock County, Illinois, or completed the process in Hancock County. There six direct line ancestors for whom I need to look in Hancock County.

  • John H. Ufkes--probably in the 1880s
  • George Trautvetter--1850s
  • John Habben--probably in the 1880s
  • Hinrich Fecht--probably in the 1880s
  • Samuel Neill--probably in the 1880s
  • Jans J. Janssen--probably in the 1880s
And that's just the ancestors. I've got one ancestor who naturalized in Knox County, Illinois, in the 1880s only because that's where his uncle was living at the time. I have three ancestors who naturalized in Adams County, Illinois, during the same time period. 

There are several counties represented now in the set of images FamilySearch has. I'll have to look at Rock Island County, Illinois, as my children have a Belgian immigrant who probably naturalized there in the 1890s. 

Maybe I should do a blog post with the date, name, and place of every ancestor's naturalization.