11 August 2012

Can You Find Peter Verikios in 1940?

I have been unable to find Peter (Panagiotis) Verikios in the 1940 United States Census. He should be in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area. You can search for Peter in Ancestry.com's 1940 census (at no charge at this time) or FamilySearch. (you don't have to be a paying member of Ancestry.com to use Ancestry.com's 1940 census through 2013--FamilySearch is free period).

I used to run census search contests for famous people. Since those don't interest me anymore, we're running a contest to find Peter instead. Below is  a quick summary of what I know about Peter--no citations are included, but there's enough information there to find where I got what I did if someone is interested.

Peter's Greek name is Panagiotis. He used Peter upon his naturalization and likely after his arrival as well.

Images below are for Peter in the 1920 census, 1930 census, his World War II draft registration card, and his index card for his naturalization. When he died in 1947, he was living at 6934 South Bishop Street. I don't have a scan of the death certificate.

The first person to find Peter in 1940 will receive a gift certificate for $30 towards the purchase of my recorded webinars.

Here's what I believe to have been true about Peter in 1940:

  • He should be living in the Chicago area.
  • He was born in Greece--at least the early 1880s.
  • He probably was working in a grocery as a clerk, running a fruit stand, or something of that type. 
To enter--follow these rules. If you do NOT follow the rules, your entry will not count. The rules are:
  • Email submissions to michael.john.neill@gmail.com
  • Provide the complete citation for 

1920 Census

1930 Census

World War II Draft Card
Registration done in April of 1942.

Index card for naturalization

Good Luck!