02 August 2012

I am Related to President Tyler's Wife--Not

I made the most interesting discovery in the "trees" at Ancestry.com. I am related to the wife of President Tyler--at least that is what the entry for John Mimka Habben indicates as of this writing.

I will admit that the site contains this warning:

"The Relationship Finder Tool is as accurate as the data we pull from OneWorldTree. The quality of each relationship shown is measured by stars (where 5 stars shows high probability of an accurate relationship)."

But I mean, really Ancestry.com, can't you set your parameters to be a little bit better than this?

Ancke Jansen (-1719) is the mother of Hinrich Hinrichs as shown on the left hand side of the page. Ancke died in Wrisse, Ostfriesland, Germany, which is where several of the following generations on the left-hand side of the page were born and died until the family moved to nearby Wiesens.

I'm not certain what is up with the right hand side of the page. Johan Heinrich DeLange, according the the Ancestry.com tree from which his information was pulled, was born in 1728 in Germany. Ostfriesland is in modern-day Germany, but locations aside, Ancke died in 1719.

I'm not familiar with the right-hand side of the "chart," but the Johanna Catharine De Lange (1848-1925) is indicated as the mother of someone born in 1628.


You have got to be kidding me.

John Mimka Habben is my great-great-grandfather. Julia Gardiner Tyler is not. 

My advice--stick to the images of actual records on Ancestry.com. If you use the compiled trees-have a pair of pruning shears handy. A very large and very sharp pair.