09 August 2012

1940 Census at Ancestry.com and FamilySearch Webinar Released

I just wrapped up my webinar on using the 1940 census at Ancestry.com and FamilySearch. This presentation is geared towards intermediate level researchers--we assume you're familiar with what the census is, what common search problems are, etc. I've gotten good feed back from attendees--including ones in the US and overseas.

We look through several examples and I make a few discoveries along the way myself--which is a good thing and probably which shows during the presentation. The method of presentation is informal, with a focus on procedure and method.

You can order the presentation at our initial price of $4. The usual purchase price is $8.50 which will be the price after this initial rate is pulled in a few days. Video/audio and handout are included.

Download can be done immediately, but the link expires after 24 hours. The media file, once downloaded, can be viewed at your convenience.