28 August 2012

What Makes It On the Rootdig Blog?

A few readers asked how I decide what to blog about, so I thought I'd answer that question here instead of sending a bunch of emails.

I blog about whatever I'm researching--either things that are part of larger research projects or little things I stumble across on my research. Usually I like the blog posts to have some point or lesson, even if I won't have time to follow up on the item myself.

Sometimes I write about research methods or theory, but those posts are fewer than they used to be. Formulating those ideas and synthesizing them clearly takes time and I'm pressed enough for time as it is. So my blogging about what "information" is or is not, will have to wait.

I don't write about genealogy news unless it has a direct impact on me. I also don't write about every new thing or website that comes along. Things that I used in my research and that help me I write about. If I don't spend time using it myself it won't be mentioned here. Rootdig doesn't "do" genealogy news, press releases, etc. There are plenty of sites that already do that. Writing about research interests me more than writing about news.

I only research the ancestry of my children and do not take any clients. What this means is that you won't see Eastern European countries or records mentioned here. In the same vein, unless I figure out my wife's Swiss ancestors who might be a little Italian, you won't see information on Italian research here either. I don't write about what I don't actually research myself.

Of course, I'd like you to subscribe to the newsletter, join me on one of my trips (or webinar), or have give a seminar, that would be great. But it's not necessary.