19 April 2014

Uncle Henry Was Tall in 1918

An earlier post mentioned that my uncle's World War II draft registration card indicated he was 6' 4" which was something of a surprise.

His World War I draft registration card only indicated that he was "tall.' I'm not certain how "tall" "tall" actually was but at least the card did not indicate he was "short."  Unfortunately not all records provide the same types of details as do others.

Users of these cards know that the images are often blurry and the quality of this image is not unusual for a World War I draft card. This digital image, obtained on Ancestry.com, as made from the microfilmed copies of these cards--which are blurry as well.
Unless I can locate some pictures, this is probably the end of my research into Uncle Henry's height. I'll have to go back and review the World II Draft cards on FamilySearch. There may be more physical characteristics discoveries waiting for me.