Casefile Clues

03 April 2014

Did the Manslaughter and Bigamy Charges Leave any Court Record Behind?

Reading every newspaper article, even when they seem repetitive, can prove helpful. Sometimes one newspaper mentions a clue that another one does not.

I've gotten back on track with Rufus D. Stephens. I'm trying to connect my known Rufus D. with this Rufus D. who was involved in a manslaughter case in New York in 1805.

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 Reading through all the newspaper items brought to light that he was also tried for bigamy as well.

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Apparently neither charge stuck.

Even when you have one article on an event, consider searching for more. My scanning for more items on  located references which may help jumpstart my work on Rufus. My current goal is to determine if there are court records for him in Herkimer County.

Or at least explain why he left Herkimer County.

Of course, I still have to prove the Herkimer County Rufus is the same one who appears in western New York and in Michigan and Ontario.