01 April 2014

Ancestry.com New Search and Sliders Webinar-New Session on 3 April

There was a recording issue with the webinar that I hosted last week on using new search and "sliders" at Ancestry.com. I have rescheduled another session on 3 April 2014 so that a complete recording can be made. If you downloaded a copy of the original webinar, you are already on the list to get a link to the complete recording when it is completed.

A description of the presentation:

The webinar includes a discussion of using the database search feature at Ancestry.com, focusing on how to use exact searches to mimic "old search" as much as possible. A few generalize search strategies are discussed along with ways that I prefer to search. We showed attendees how to tweak their own searches and ways to experiment and interact with search. It is possible to get good results with the "new" search. 

If you would like to attend the session live on 3 April 2014 at 8 PM central, you can register here. If you attended the first session, missed the first session, or ordered the original recording you do not need to register again and will be sent a link to download the corrected recording at no charge. 

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