18 April 2014

Uncle Henry was 6' 4" Tall

The World War II Draft Registration card for Henry William Trautvetter didn't provide any earthshattering information on this younger brother of my great-grandfather. (These cards are available digitally at FamilySearch).

It confirmed his date and place of birth which I had obtained from church records. And, of course, the church baptismal record would be a preferred source for information on Henry's date of birth.

I'm not really certain why William Shauw[sic] of Tioga is listed as the person who "will always know your address." Shaw was not a relative as far as I know and Henry would have been married at the time of this registration.

Trautvetter is like many who live near a county line--he has a Sutter mailing address in Hancock County, Illinois, but registered in Lima Township, Adams County, Illinois.

 For me, the most interesting thing was his physical description.

I always thought the Trautvetters were short people.

Uncle Henry as 6'4" tall and weighed 140 pounds.

Not a major revelation, but neat little discovery. Of course a stickler for genealogical details and accuracy would wonder if there's any other evidence as to Henry's height. I don't think I have any pictures of him. 

But he would have registered for the World War I draft, given his age.

And that's something I can try and find.