26 April 2014

New Webinars End of April-Land and Court Records and Illinois Research

Illinois Research-rescheduled due to recording difficulties
Geared towards advanced beginners and intermediate researchers, it focuses on local records, what makes Illinois different, and larger statewide facilities. Handout included.

29 April 2014—9 PM Eastern-8 PM Central-6 PM Pacific Register .

Court Records-Pig Blood In the Snow
If searching and using court records has confused you, this presentation will help you break through those barriers that may be hindering your research. This session will include an overview of local court record structure in the United States, how records are organized and how they can be searched, and effective research strategies in these records. There is a good chance that your ancestor interacted with a local court in his area. Don’t miss out on these records. And---we’ll show you why this lecture has the subtitle “Pig Blood In the Snow.” Handout included.

30 April 2014—8 PM Eastern-7 PM Central-5 PM Pacific Register 

Land Records
If you have avoided land records because searching, finding, and interpreting them has confused them, you may be missing out on good genealogical information. This presentation will discuss the elements of a land deed, how land records usually are organized in the United States and how to effectively and accurately interpret these records. This session is geared towards the advanced beginner or intermediate researcher. Handout included.

1 May 2014—9 PM Eastern-8 PM Central-6 PM Pacific Register

Email me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com with questions or registration difficulties. 

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