01 November 2012

Who Riley Rampley Was and Was Not

I've been hoping the tree at Ancestry.com would be corrected, but so far it has not been and the submitter has not contacted me. The confusion has me irritated to the point I've been compelled to post this commentary. I'll have a more detailed post with sources, but I feel compelled to get the corrected information on my blog (even though it is in numerous locations elsewhere).

Riley Rampley was born on 25 August 1835 in Coshocton County, Ohio, the son of James and Elizabeth (Chaney) Rampley. He had a brother, James Rampley, born in the same county. The Rampley family immigrated to Illinois in 1847, settling in the eastern part of Hancock County, Illinois, in 1849. Both Riley and James served in the Civil War (as did their brother John).

The confusing part of this is that Riley and James Rampley (the brothers) married first cousins. Riley's wife was Nancy Jane Newman. James' wife was Nancy Elizabeth Newman. The Nancys were natives of Indiana. Nancy Jane was the daughter of William Newman. Nancy Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Newman. William and Edward Newman were natives of the Bourbon/Fleming County area of Kentucky and the sons of Augusta and Melinda (Sledd) Newman. Augusta died in 1861 in White County, Indiana.

This picture below is of Riley Rampley. It is NOT James Rampley. This picture of Riley was obtained from the late Rose (Walker) Ufkes, granddaughter of Riley Rampley and this scanned image was made from my copy of Rose Ufkes' picture of Riley. Rose Ufkes was a first cousin to my grandfather, Cecil Neill. Both were grandchildren of Riley Rampley.

Riley Rampley--taken sometime before his death in 1893.

Riley's brother James was NOT named James Riley Rampley. This picture is Riley. Riley died in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

This scan has appeared on my site for nearly ten years. No one has ever asked me permission to use it anywhere. The usage of it does not bother me as much as the fact that it's been linked to the wrong person.