06 November 2012

Has She Voted in Every Election or Not?

The website for the Quincy, Illinois Herald-Whig, contains the following

"Quincy voter Sally Gerding has a theory on how to decide which candidate to cast a ballot for in a presidential election. "Vote for the one you would feel most comfortable buying a used car from," said the 69-year-old Gerding, who has voted every year since she was 18. "

If the person is 69-years old, she would have been born in approximately 1943. This would have made her 18 around 1961. The amendment to the United States constitution giving 18 year olds the right to vote was in 1971.

Am I missing something? Were there differences for voting in local elections? Or is something else wrong?

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For the genealogy fans out there who think every post needs to have a genealogy connection. Well--is it possible that your relative got a little mixed up on details?