17 November 2012

The Commander Died--Looking for Your Relative's Commanding Officer

I'm still not certain whether or not Rufus D. Stephens is my ancestor, but in an initial read of the claim he filed for his horse that was "drafted" into the War of 1812, it mentions that Stephens was enlisted in a company of New York volunteers command by Capt. Isaac W. Stone.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 1814  

Paper: Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) obtained on Genealogybank.com 

Apparently Stone died in August or September of 1814 in Genesee County, New York, but was from Boyle, Ontario County.

This time period and location presents certain research challenges in trying to document everything I can about Rufus D. Stephens. I'm not usually in the habit of searching for the names of military officers associated with the people for whom I am searching. I'll have to try this approach with a few others who were in various wars. It might be a good way to find references to battles in which the unit fought.