06 November 2012

More Restrictions Means More Matches?

Color me confused.

I am trying to determine if Sophia Trautvetter immigrated to the United States in the early 1870s. A search for individuals in Ancestry's "Immigration & Travel" databases resulted in over 14,500 hits as of today. That's more than I care to go through, but I was able to perform this wildcard search.

So, I decided to add part of Sophia's last name to my search. This should restrict the search more and reduce the number of results--hopefully to something more manageable than 14,500.

Apparently not.

Ancestry.com's search interface apparently decided that there were too many matches now. I'm confused as I thought that this search (with a last name added) would be MORE restrictive than the one with just the first name.

I've not been getting any answers from Ancestry.com to my posts about their searches, but we can always hope.

Meanwhile I'm off to review 14,500 matches in an attempt to find Sophia. Maybe I should just view the manifests one at a time the old fashioned way.

Might be easier.

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