19 November 2012

A Citation for the Rufus Stephens Horse Claim

Earlier, I posted an image of part of a claim for a War of 1812 era claim for a "drafted horse" that was made by Rufus Stephens.

There was no real citation along with the image. Since I received no email about it, I'm concluding that either the citation police do not exist or no one really reads my blog.

The document image is reproduced here again:

The researcher who usually obtains NARA documents for me always includes a citation as a part of the file of copies or images. This is greatly appreciated. It's excellent to share NARA documents so that researchers and the general public can be aware of them, but images sans citations is not the way to go. And, in case anyone wonders, I've used the citation (written by her) with her permission.

Is this in "proper form?" No--for reasons that I have discussed before and are included at the end of this post.

I was negligent in the original post on this image. Shouldn't let my excitement cause me to neglect citations.

Reminder--we don't include complete citations on blog posts--just our personal preference. Complete citations are always included in Casefile Clues or you can learn about citations in Elizabeth Shown Mills' Evidence Explained. We always do include enough background information in blog posts that readers can find our original sources.If you think we don't, please fire off an email to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com
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