12 November 2012

Erasmus Trautvetter at HathiTrust Digital Library

I located the reference to my ancestor Erasmus Trautvetter in Google Books several years ago, but there was no image in Google Books and as the item was located at Harvard University, I wasn't going to see it any time soon.

However, a search for Erasmus Trautvetter at the HathTrust Digital Library located the same reference and images of the book which was published in Germany in 1830.

Screen shots of images work well when the material is in a foreign language.

The title page:

(1830). Kurhessisches Staats- und Adress-Handbuch. Cassel. Digital Image HathiTrust Digital Library. Accessed 11 November 2012
The actual reference to Erasmus:

The reference to Erasmus Trautvetter is on the image above which comes from page 83. He is listed under the heading of Unterbediente. Now I've just got to determine what the reference means.

Fortunately the name Erasmus Trautvetter is not a common one and hopefully a translation of this material will point me in the direction of more information.

Stay tuned.
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