26 November 2012

Unresolved Issues At Ancestry.com

My "decimal point" post got me to thinking about Ancestry.com issues I've had that are currently unresolved or where I am waiting for a response. Those items are:

Ancestry.com is working (per an email) on how database search results are automatically incorporated into trees. I'll look and see if there are unresolved issues that I have encountered and add them to the list.

I don't blog about transcription errors--those can easily happen and listing those would be a never-ending task. Ancestry.com allows users to enter corrections. Remember though, that corrections should when the original record has been read incorrectly, not when the original record was wrong in the first place. That's not Ancestry.com's fault.

If you have other database search issues, please let me know.

And yes, I'm being a nag.

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