14 November 2012

Why Stones Can't Wait

These images are the front and back of the stone of H. Grady Rampley in Arlington's National Cemetery and are taken from the cemetery's website. Rampley served in the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

We've discussed the nighttime pictures before--which I think are pretty cool. The contrast is much better--but be careful taking pictures yourself in cemeteries where safety may be an issue.

The position of this stone in the trees also makes the ever-present point that tombstones are not as permanent as we might like to think they are.

Don't assume the stone will always be there.

Johnny Appleseed's work may trump that tombstone for which you're looking.

And if you don't know the legend of Johnny Appleseed chances are a few of your ancestors did. At least if they were in the United States.