28 November 2012

A Stray in 1810

An 1810 notice about a stray horse provides a few details about a relative.

Date: Saturday, March 3, 1810  

Paper: Supporter (Chillicothe, OH)--

obtained on 

"Taken up by James Kile, a sorrel colt with a star on his forehead and a snip on his nose, no brand perceivable, supposed to be two years old next spring, about twelve and a half hands high--appraised to 15 dollars, by John Kile and Joseph, Fleming, appraisers.

"I certify the above to be a true copy from my estray book.

Billingslea Bull, J.P."

Notice of the stray doesn't tell me too much,  but it does indicate that James Kile was living in Truro Township, Franklin County, Ohio, in January of 1810. A John Kile, who is his likely brother, was most reasonably living nearby. This could help me to establish a time from their migration and also tell me that both  men were apparent neighbors in 1810.

This is not proof that the men are brothers--actually one record is not proof of anything. It's not evidence that they are brothers either. It is evidence that James in living in Truro Township in 1810 and that  John is in the vicinity as well. Any proof of the relationship between the two men will come from analyzing all the evidence that there is revolving around the two men.

All that from a found horse.