21 November 2012

An 1811 Arrival for Rufus D. Stephens in Penfield, New York

There is a reference in an 1851 history to Rufus D. Stephens which indicates that he arrived in Penfield, New York in 1811. Attempts to document his movement need to use every source that can be located. This item was located by a search on Google Books.

While there is always the possibility that his year of arrival is off, it will be assumed to be correct unless information to the contrary can be located. There are other who settled in the area as well and it is possible that they shared a common "point of origin" with Rufus.

This is the only mention of him in the book:

part of page 525 discussing the town of Penfield, New York.

Those interested in the entire book can view it here--it may start with the cover--a lovely shade of gray:

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