10 November 2012

Riley's Military Stone Application

Ancestry.com's U.S. Headstone Applications, 1925-1963 is showing on their site (at least when this post was written) as being updated. One of my complaints about Ancestry.com is that what's been changed about a database is not always clear--is it better images, new index entries, or what? The "update" never makes it clear. 

I've used Ancestry.com's U.S. Headstone Applications, 1925-1963 on Ancestry.com before and I don't remember seeing color images--so I'm suspecting that's part of the "update." I'm not certain if every card has color images, but I noted one for my Civil War ancestor Riley Rampley. The two images contained in this post were apparently made from the same card. The red pencil marks, apparently made by someone in the War Department, were made to confirm Riley's service. 

Ancestry.com. U.S., Headstone Applications, 1925-1963 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2012.
I'll have to do a little work on Henry H. Kunz to determine exactly who he was. Riley's sister had descendants who were Kunzes, but I'm not certain if that's who this person is or not. He may also have been a local undertaker or something.


One reason is that in some cases, the stone may no longer be in existence and this card may be the only record of the stone. Another is that the dates of application do not necessarily mean the veteran died during 1925-1963. Riley died in 1893--don't assume your ancestor who died before 1925 is not listed.

Obviously your ancestor who died after 1963 will not be listed.

You can search this database for yourself  on Ancestry.com as U.S. Headstone Applications, 1925-1963.

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