24 November 2012

The Ledger Entry for Rufus' Claim--and Clues to Comrades

In addition to the signed affidavits documenting Rufus D. Stephens' claim for his 1814 requisitioned horse, there is a ledge entry approving the claim.

"General Account of Claims for Compensation for Property Lost, Captured, or Destroyed by the Enemy, while in the Military Service of the United States during the late War with England."

Fixed number 2518, Rufus D.Stephens (attorney Claudius W. Boughton), whose claim was received on 3 June 1817 was from Ontario County, New York. Stephens claimed compensation for the loss of a horse while in the United States service. The amount of his claim was $80 and the proof was sufficient. Stephens' claim was approved on 3 June by Richard Bland Lee "C.C &C."

There is a notation that attorney Claudius W. Boughton received the $80 on 4 June.

There are two additional claims, both submitted and approved on 3 June, and paid on 4 June. Those men, James Spear and Erasmus T. Cammins, were also both from Ontario County, New York. They may have been comrades of Rufus given that the claims were filed simultaneously.

National Archives of the United States, Record Group 217, Entry 625, Volume 3, page 205.