06 November 2012

Burial State Does Not Equal Death State

I finally found my Aunt Margaret in the U. S. Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2006 database at Ancestry.com. It took some doing and originally I was not certain why. The first image is the entry from the database for Aunt Margaret--who died in Quincy, Illinois, at the veterans' home there. 

On a whim, I decided to "merge" the information from the burial index into my tree entry for Aunt Margaret.

Here's where I saw a problem--and likely why I could not find her in the database too easily.

Ancestry.com wants me to use Idaho as her place of death--because that's where she is buried.

The problem is that she did not die in Idaho. Apparently Ancestry.com is pulling the state of burial and assuming that it is the state of death.

I don't think one can assume that. Why can't Ancestry.com simply pull the cemetery as the place of burial?

Am I missing something on this one too?