11 October 2012

Whites Killed--Blacks Wounded--The Absalom Hooper Incident of 1773

A quick search on  Genealogybank.com  for our Absalom Hooper located some additional references to the incident--these providing more details than the earlier item that was located which was a public notice that they were wanted by officials. This is getting to be a very interesting discovery.

Date: Monday, August 23, 1773  

Paper: Boston Evening-Post (Boston, MA)--obtained 


Another account of the incident was also discovered, similar in content to the one of 23 August 1773 shown above.The names of these men are helpful in that they give me names of associates of Absalom--associates are not necessarily discovered in a positive light. I may need to research these men further in my attempts to locate information on Absalom.

And making a chronology of the events would be a good idea as well.

Date: Friday, August 13, 1773  

Paper: Connecticut Journal (New Haven, CT)



I'll need to search earlier papers for an account of the incident that apparently attributes the actions to some Spaniards.

Give a thought to searching for your ancestors in the newspapers at  Genealogybank.com.

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