18 October 2012

From the Newspaper to Federal Records-Draft Slackers

GenealogyBank in their Facebook Fan Page today posted  part of an article about how genealogy records were used to prove that several men were "slackers" and did not register for the World War I draft.

Date: Monday, June 25, 1917  

Paper: Oregonian (Portland, OR)  --obtained on 


on   Genealogybank.com   
It is a neat little article, but it is worth remembering that these records are available in digital format on Fold3.com. The image below is from the case against Henke. It discusses his naturalization. This image only shows part of Henke's file.
 NARA microfilm M1085, case against Johnathan Jake Henke, obtained in the Fold3 World War 1 Era FBI files
The World War I era FBI files contain information on a variety of "un-American" activities.

[note--This is one of the few posts that has nothing to do with any of my family. I have no connection to Henke.]

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