13 October 2012

Sow Ten Acres of Spring Wheat in 1918

This item was also obtained from the  University of Illinois has the Farm, Field, and Fireside-Agricultural Newspaper Collection and was originally published in the Farmer's Review March 9, 1918.

George Sartorius of Hancock County, Illinois, is encouraging his fellow farmer to sow ten acres of spring wheat in this 1918 letter. His reasons are two fold: the weather has hindered the winter wheat and grain is needed for the war effort. 

[I've omitted the bulk of the letter here--the complete complete article can be viewed here.] He mentions the shortage of farm help due to men being drafted for the war effort and discusses the winter wheat crop, government prices, and the need for grain in some detail. 

George is a first cousin of my great-grandmother, Tena (Janssen) Ufkes [1895-1986]. They were grandchildren of Hinrich Ameling and Trientje (Behrens) Sartorius of Adams County, Illinois.

The complete article can be viewed here.