13 October 2012

They Are of the Worst Class of People

A search of GoogleBooks located a reference to the Mississippi murder and robber that Absalom Hooper was involved in. This item was located by searching for the year and a few other details of the event--not the name itself.

page 338 from the Manuscripts of the Earl of Dartmouth (citation below) contains an apparent reference to the "Murder on the Mississippi" which Absalom Hooper was apparently involved. It also suggests that there may be additional correspondence regarding this incident.

There's some general historical information here, including this statement:

"The murderers are now in custody, and are of the worst class of the people who have flocked to the Mississippi for the  past two years. As Mr. Chester foresaw, several of the first settlers on the river were persons who had fled from justice..."

That's always how one likes to see one's relatives described.

This reference was obtained digitally on GoogleBooks with citation information below:

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