04 October 2012

Named for an 1860 Neighbor?

1860 U. S. Census-Chariton County, Missouri, Bee Branch Township, dwelling 737
I've been doing a little review on John Lake after my bushwacker find earlier today and something popped out at me that I had never noticed before.

John and Charlotte's son Granville (born after this enumeration) is my wife's great-grandfather. Time had not allowed me to search where the name came from. When I glanced at this 1860 census entry for John I realized that the name of Granville for Granville Lake probably came from Granvill Dowell who is listed here as an 1860 neighbor.

Whether there is an additional connection remains to be seen. However, the fact that the Dowells lived for a while in Kentucky (as did the Lakes) may indicate more of a connection that there appears to be initially. While the places of birth are not shown in this clip, both families had children born in Kentucky before coming to Missouri.

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