13 October 2012

Great-Great-Grandma's Facebook Status-Maybe

Ancestry.com is touting their new Facebook application In honor of that, I've dreamed up a little genealogy game/meme or whatever it's called of my own.

What's your great-great-grandmas' "status?" Since mine are dead, their location would be their place of burial.

So here goes:

  • Annie (Murphy) Neill--died 1890s--buried West Point Cemetery, West Point, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Nancy (Newman) Rampley--died 1923--buried Buckeye Cemetery, Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Franciska (Bieger) Trautvetter--died 1888--buried Bethany Cemetery, Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Florence Ellen (Butler) Sargent--Heaven only knows.
  • Noentje Lena (Grass) Ufkes--died 1902--buried Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Frederickia Maria (Sartorius) Janssen--died 1913 --buried Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Anna (Fecht) Habben--died 1941--entombed Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum, Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Anna (Dirks) Goldenstein--died 1932--buried Golden, Adams County, Illinois.

Post your own great-great-grandma's "status" on your blog or here as a comment. 

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WildSeaKitten said...

I noticed something, all of my great, great grandma's died in the 20th century. :)

Frances (Powell) Sanders died 1 Oct 1922 Riverside Cemetery Smithfield, NC

Mary P. (Taylor) Sanders died 19 May 1903

Margaret Ann (Thompson) Poole died 1918

Mary Ann (Stone) Mahaney died 1917

Hettie Luticia (Gould) Neal died 03 Apr 1917 Willow Hill, Illinois

Susannah Matilda (Boston) died 13 Nov 1901

Olive B. (Ghan) Miller died 29 Sep 1901 Stone County, Missouri

Emley Ann (Wallace) McWhirter died 28 Dec 1941 Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri, USA