03 October 2012

1961 American Aberdeen-Angus Herd Book Mentions Grandpa

When your ancestors are farmers, finding them in printed materials is sometimes difficult. A search of Google Books for "cecil neill angus" (without quotes) resulted in several hits, including the one shown here. 
This is only a snippet view of the item--partially because it is still in copyright. I'm not certain it's worth getting a copy of at this point.

I can't be exactly certain what it says, but most likely the "PRINCE SURSEAM" is "PRINCE SUNBEAM" which, if memory serves, was the name of a bull that was listed in the pedigree of several of Grandpa's registered Angus cattle.

The name is most likely intended to be "Neill, Cecil R & Sons, Carthage," but that is speculation. This is not really a major find, but was interesting. If I had not known Grandpa was alive in 1961, this would have been helpful in that regard.