12 December 2011

Old Search Webinar on Ancestry.com

We've talked about the "old search" on Ancestry.com. That blog post shows you how to get it on your own Ancestry.com site (assuming you have a personal Ancestry.com account).

I like the old search and tomorrow (Tuesday 13, December-at 1:30 PM--PACIFIC) afternoon is free on my schedule, so I've decided to set up a demonstration of what the old search will do, how to use it and some neat aspects of it. There's a reason why some of us like it. And the price of $1.50 can't be beat (we do have to pay the webinar hosting service something--they don't let us do these things for free). We will go through examples of using the old search--demonstration is the best way.

You can register and reserve your seat here for only $1.50. Confirmations with website link will be sent Tuesday morning.

Join us...and learn how to use the old search before it is too late!