20 December 2011

1870 Census Search Fixed!

Regular readers know that I've been complaining about the advanced search based upon locations not working on Ancestry.com. I mentioned it a while back on my Genealogy Search Tip blog.

I received confirmation today that it is working--and tried it out myself by looking for people with the last name of Green in Linn County, Missouri. You can click here to take you directly to the search results

This is a big improvement and I'm glad this is now working--the ability to preform searches such as these significantly adds value to the Ancestry.com site. This is especially true for those of us who are looking for people in broader areas with unknown first names, in addition to other search needs.

A partial screen shot is shown below. Those who tried the search before it was fixed will remember that results were coming in from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Remember that sometimes when things aren't working, it is user error and sometimes it's not. Thanks to Ancestry.com for fixing the problem. 

We'll keep our eyes peeled for other search irregularities. It happens, but it is nice to know that when it does, some squeaking can get it fixed.