11 December 2011

Genealogy Fundamental Webinars

Necessity is often the mother of invention.

Hosting our genealogy webinars is not free and requires a monthly account regardless of how many times it is used. The holidays are not good time to get extensive work done, especially work that requires extensive preparation.  Several years ago, I prepared a series of genealogy fundamental items, using course materials I developed years ago as a starting point.

We've decided to use these fundamental materials to create a series of short (20 minutes long) sessions on a variety of specific document types. We won't discuss how the items were located, rather on how the information they contain, what it means, how to interpret it, where to go next, and how to cite. That's enough and that's enough for these short sessions.

They are geared towards genealogists without a lot of experience or those who wish to return to some basic skill development.

More details, including topics, can be seen our our website. Our registration fee is only $1.99 per session.