12 December 2011

For anyone who is wondering, the purpose of this genealogical blog really is fairly clear: whatever crosses my research path that I feel worth mentioning, along with my opinion where I feel appropriate.

I'll only be mentioning websites, databases, etc. that I use in my own research. You won't see Hungarian, Russina, or Eastern European things mentioned here usually as my children have no ancestry from that region.

We'll mention things that I find irritating, enlightening, maddening, or interesting. That's a somewhat eclectic combination. My other blogs are pretty much opinion free--this one is not. Rootdig has no sponsors, although we do have some advertising. But, I'm not beholden' to anyone and you'll find no recycled press releases here either.

I don't jump on the latest bandwagon, am not always impressed with the latest gadgets, and don't get all goo-goo eyed over the latest bauble. I don't include "genealogy news," unless I think it impacts me or my research--there are other genealogy news websites.

And when I write something negative about something, I usually don't get emails--which either means no one who disagrees with me read it or thinks I generate enough traffic to worry about. Either way is fine with me!

Back to work.