11 December 2011

It's Not Working and There's No Books

Ancestry.com's exact advanced searches still do not work ( at least for 1870--just checked).

This blogger finds it ironic that FamilySearch's denial of book vendors for RootsTech raises a huge furor while there is little concern that the search interface at Ancestry.com is working incorrectly for some searches. RootsTech is FamilySearch's conference and (whether I agree with the decision or not), they can decide to run it how they see fit. Those that do not like it can choose not to attend.

However, Ancestry.com's exact advanced searches USED to work and now don't. To me, that's a more irritating problem because the search interface implies that certain search parameters can be set and the user can expect them to be matched. Book vendors I can find. Books I can order. Searches that don't work they way they are supposed to ARE a problem.

Just my two cents.