01 December 2011

Ancestry.com Open Letter Update

This is an update to my post on Search Tip of the Day regarding restricted searches at Ancestry.com and my "Open Letter" posted on Rootdig.

I did receive a response from a "high level" person on the search team regarding my search difficulties and the email I sent (which was pretty much the same as the open letter posted here).

My search difficulties were confirmed and I was told that they have known of the difficulties and they are working to correct them. In my response I mentioned the difficulties I have encountered with how the online "trees" incorporate information from the Social Security Death Index and the UK Quarterly indexes to deaths as well.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

I also made some unsolicited (imagine that!) suggestions regarding their beta testing procedures as well. I really don't think those procedures are all that well thought out, but I'll refrain from making additional comments here. I also realize that I'm not a corporate type, really not what you'd call a "team" player, and pretty much avoid subtle comments unless I'm being sarcastic (grin!). However, searches that don't work properly frustrate me and I know they frustrate other users as well.

I've never understood why search queries of Ancestry.com databases have to be so complicated. But that's just me.

I've never been on one of those "invites" to the Ancestry.com headquarters; chances are I won't be on the list any time soon ;-)

We'll have an update and feel free to let me know about other "irregularities" with search on the site.