06 December 2011

Update on Non-Working Advanced Searches At Ancestry.com

I just tried it again and there is no change in the way advanced searches are not working at Ancestry.com as discussed earlier on my Search Tip of the Day blog.

I did receive an answer from Ancestry.com--one of their executives. The response was pleasant and indicated they were working on the problem, but my comments about beta testing, things being put out too quickly, the need for a little better testing, were not even mentioned, which makes me think that the process will not change.

I'll keep checking to see if the search has been fixed, but I am no longer holding my breath that it will be anything relatively quick.

Personally I still think there's too big of a rush to put out new things and not enough concentration on the "old-timers."

And I'm starting to think my complaints actually fell on deaf ears and that Rootdig.com doesn't generate enough traffic for Ancestry.com to even worry about.

Oh well. I'll still be researching my genealogy in thirty years. The executives at Ancestry.com will have moved onto other things long before that.

And that's the problem.