08 December 2011

John Ehmen's Headstone in Camp Point, Illinois

I'm going to have to research John Ehmen a little more.

This is the Application for a Headstone for him that appears in a database recently released on the FamilySearch website.

This application is really interesting in that it provides his date and place of birth in the upper left hand corner and provides his death date and location as well. Of course, all that information is secondary, as is the fact that he was in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Why he was in Galesburg is a mystery at this point. I'll have to add that to the list. I'm thinking that this individual may be good fodder for an upcoming Casefile Clues article.

United States. Quartermaster General. Applications for Headstones for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1941. Record Group 92, NARA publication M1916. United States. Federal Archives and Records Center. Washington D.C.