06 December 2011

December Webinars-4 for $25

We have four webinars upcoming in December before we break for the holidays:

  • DeedMapper
  • Pre-1920 Naturalization Records
  • Analyzing pre-1850 American Census Records
  • Sarah and Susannah: Two 18thCentury Virginia Women and their property

If you'd like to sign up for all of them, you can do so at the total price of $25 (save $7--that's lucky!) by using this link on this page. The $25 for all four rate is NOT on the main webinar page. If you can't attend, have connectivity issues, or other problems, you can get the downloadable version of the webinar after it has been recorded and processed.

Signed up for an earlier one, but missed it? Email me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com and we'll send you the download link at no charge.