13 May 2012

Was Her Name Too Long for the Stone?

Rebecca Mullen of Delaware County, Ohio, made out a deposition in 1848 in the Revolutionary War pension application of Catharine Blain, widow of Elam Blain. I'm researching Rebecca for an upcoming Casefile Clues article as I'm hoping she has some connection to the Blain family.

But her tombstone on FindaGrave in Delaware County's Hope Cemetery got me to thinking:

Did they spell her name "Rebeca" on the stone because there was not enough room for two c's?

Makes a person wonder.


Anonymous said...

It sure looks as though he ran out of foom:} Whether he was figured the spacing wrong and didn't want to start over, or if that they way it was spelled - could be either.:}
On the gamily plot of my Avery family, the name is spelled Avery, Arey, Avry, and I think another on differnt stones.:}

Anonymous said...

My Family name on my great-grandparents headstone is misspelled as well. I never thought that this is why. It does make sense that the last letter was dropped because of space.