15 May 2012

2 June Seminar in North Kansas City, MO

I will be presenting a genealogy seminar for the Northland Genealogical Society in North Kansas City, Missouri, on 2 June 2012. 

Topics Are:
  • Searching Techniques on Ancestry and Family Search: This presentation will focus on organizing your searches, effective search strategies, and problem-solving.
  • Determining Your Own Migration Trail: Our ancestor probably was a part of a larger chain of migration. See how to determine where your ancestor fit into that chain and how that knowledge can help your research.
  • Seeing the Patterns: This session discusses a variety of ways to organize information with the intent of noticing trends, overlooked pieces of information, etc. Get beyond basic charts and forms.
  • When Your Dude Is Lost: This session will discuss ways to work around that ancestor who appears to have been dropped off or picked up by a UFO.
  • Brick Walls A-Z: An alphabetical list of techniques to get around that genealogical brick wall.
More details are on the society's website http://www.northlandgensoc.org/