05 May 2012

Google Docs and Proving Florence Webinars Released

Google Docs

This webinar discussed using Google Docs, particularly sharing, collaborating, and publishing your content on your blog, website, etc. We discussed the various types of documents that can be created and how to use those documents for genealogy and interact with others using those documents. The handout and presentation can be downloaded here for $8.50

Proving Florence
This short--25 minutes--webinar was a part of our fundamental genealogy series and concentrated on how "proof" of a father was constructed for a women born in the 1850s in either Iowa or Missouri. Methodology and process were discussed--clearly and concisely with a detailed handout.  The handout and presentation can be downloaded here for $2.50.

Remember that downloads have to be downloaded within 24 hours. You can view the files whenever you want, but the download links expire in 24 hours. 

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