31 May 2012

Finding a 1885 Nebraska Census Entry

This is the database entry for Benjamin Harm from the Nebraska, State Census, 1885 on Ancestry.com. This database does not link to any record images on Ancestry.com nor is this individual entry linked to the family structure and is a relatively recent addition to Anceestry.com. However it is possible to view the images on Ancestry.com

The  Nebraska, State Census, 1885 to have been indexed separately from Nebraska, State Census Collection, 1860-1885. The Harms reference shows in the first illustration could not be located in the Nebraska, State Census Collection, 1860-1885 and probably was indexed in some what that it could not be located. Using the information from the first screen, I was manually able to locate the desired entry which is partially shown in the image below. The Herman Harms family appears in the Franklin County 1885 Census on page 8 in Salem Precinct.