27 May 2006

Family History Library research trip 2007

Our 2006 research trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake wrapped up last week, we all had a great time and some even hung around for a few extra days wrapping up loose ends and following new leads.

Dates of our 2007 trip to Salt Lake have been announced on our trip website. Stay tuned for future details about 2007!



17 May 2006

In Salt Lake City

We're in Salt Lake City for our first annual research trip to the Family History Library. I arrived a day early and did some probate work and a few other loose ends. We are looking forward to our time in the library. Those who missed this year's trip can stayed tune for information on next year. There probably won't be too many blog postings in the near future....unless I find something really great.

Find Spencer Tracy in 1920

Our latest census search contest:

Spencer Tracy in 1920


16 May 2006

Genline--Swedish online Church Records-Workshop

Carl Sandburg College is hosting a two-day workshop I am presenting on using Genline for Swedish ancestral research. This site has millions of images of Swedish church records and is an excellent site for anyone with Swedish ancestors.

The workshop will be held on 18 and 19 August in Galesburg, Illinois. For more details, visit our website:

11 May 2006

Old Men's Draft Registration in World War II

The fourth registration for the World War II draft in the United States included men born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897. These cards are an excellent genealogical source for anyone born in this time frame.

The card on the right is a sample.

We are taking requests for lookups in these cards until 21 May 2006.

There is more information on the cards and additional sample images on our site

08 May 2006

Find Bob Hope in 1910

We have announced our latest "famous census search." This time it is Bob Hope in 1910.

06 May 2006

Names reversed in Census

Panagiotis Verikios is enumerated in the 1930 census and was not toooo hard to locate except for the fact that his first name and his last name were reversed. Occasionally this happened, more likely with non-English names, but one never knows. When searching the index, consider switching the first and last names...you never know.

Panagiotis' entry can be viewed here:


He's living on the south side of Chicago.

04 May 2006

Still room on our Ft. Wayne Trip

Procrastinator that I am, I just made my reservation at the Ft. Wayne Hilton for our research trip there at the very end of May. Those who are still thinking about joining us still can. Anyone from the US is welcome and more information about our research trip is posted online. We always have a good time and get lots of research done.

Searching World War I Draft cards at Ancestry.

We've posted an article with search techniques for the WWI Draft card database at Ancestry.com on our site:
You will need access to Ancestry.com to use the index (your library may have access onsite--ask them and find out, your local Family History Library has access). My suggestions for what to do when requesting a free trial are posted on our site.

03 May 2006

Illinois Genealogy Articles

Over the years I have written several articles on Illinois research and posted them on our site. Those with Illinois roots may wish to venture over and take a look:

02 May 2006

Analyzing A Probate

Estate records are a great source for the genealogist. In a past article on our site, we analyze an estate from 1860s in Missouri and include clues about the family that are hinted at in the estate inventory and sale.

Even when the estate doesn't list the heirs, you may still learn something. Record images are included.


1910 Postcard

Ever thought of postcards your ancestor might have sent? I've posted one to my site that my ancestor sent to his father-in-law when he made a return trip to Germany. The text he wrote is pretty short and generally refers to his trip and the weather...no real hard genealogy information, but it was neat to have it. Consider looking for cards in your own background.