28 May 2012

Memorial Day Burial List

Just to test my memory, I decided to list the final resting place of my ancestors in honor of Memorial Day. This is the best I could do from memory.

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery--Basco, Hancock County, Illinois
  • John and Dorothy Ufkes
  • Fred and Tena Ufkes
  • Johann and Noentje Ufkes
  • Jans and Fredericka Janssen
West Point Cemetery--West Point, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Cecil and Ida Neill
  • Charles and Fannie Neill
  • Samuel and Annie Neill
Buckeye Cemetery--Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Riley and Nancy Rampley
  • James and Elizabeth Rampley
Bethany United Church of Christ Cemetery--Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois
  • George and Ida Trautvetter
  • John and Franciska Trautvetter
  • Sophia Trautvetter
Moss Ridge Cemetery--Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Mimka and Tjode Habben
Carthage Mausoleum
  • Jann and Antje Habben
Barnes Cemetery--Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Mimke and Antje Habben
Lutheran Cemetery--Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Barbara Haase
Graymount Cemetery--Coatsburg, Adams County, Illinois
  • Bernard and Heipka Dirks
South Prairie Cemetery--rural Golden, Adams County, Illinois
  • Ulfert and Fredericka Behrens
  • Gerd and Trientje Behrens
Golden Cemetery--Golden, Adams County, Illinois
  • Foche and Anna Goldenstein
  • Hinrich and Trientje Sartorius
Dunkard Cemetery--Linn County, Iowa
  • Belinda Newman
Blue Ridge Cemetery--Shelby County, Indiana
  • Enoch and Nancy Tinsley
I know there are several ancestors of my great-grandmother Trautvetter buried in various parts of New England, particularly Massachusetts. However, those names are still being added to my database and I don't have them at the tip of my fingers.