22 May 2012

Rampley Farm Forced Sale in 1859

Periodically I search the newer newspapers at  GenealogyBank  to determine if any content has been added in the last month. This is one of the search options, being able to specify the search to include only recently added material. I also search for newspapers before 1900 as that's where my focus usually is. There are more to newspapers than simply death notices and obituaries. These other types of notices become more important as research progresses into earlier time periods. 

In searching for one of my more unusual surnames of Rampley, I located a reference apparently to a foreclosure of a relative's property in Harford County, Maryland. This property (at least part of it) was owned by my ancestor James Rampley at his death in 1817. I have digital copies of the surveys James obtained for the property. There's a little bit more I'd like to know about this--so I may do some searches. There are three Rampleys on the deed of trust apparently and not just one person or a husband and wife. 

National American, published in Maryland, on 2 Sept 1859 and  obtained  on GenealogyBank (http://www.genealogybank.com) on 22 May 2012.
The Family History Library in Salt Lake has the deeds for Harford County. I've used them before so I know they are there. I'm not certain if the Family History Library has the local court case files or not.