03 March 2014

It Is Appreciated And Mountvill Harness

I have a few regular readers who occasionally point out the occasional typo, link error, omission, etc. to posts that I make here.

I appreciate those who take the time to do that. I also appreciate that these comments, while sometimes short and to the point, are never mean, spiteful, etc. It helps.

Comments regarding topics are welcome too, but before writing please remember that I don't write about anything that I do not use myself, research areas where I "have no people," etc. I also do not write about products I do not use, period.

Mountville Harness update

Those who have been following Mountville Harness--he may be more "interesting" from a research standpoint than I thought. He may never have married his second wife and probably was divorced from his first one with whom he had two children that apparently stayed with their mother in Illinois. Mountville's second wife is enumerated twice in the 1900 census--in two different states. Once is with him and once is without. We'll have a more detailed update when I've got a few additional details figured out.