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17 March 2014

Did "Lübeck, Germany, Citizenship Register, 1591-1919" Go 'Poof?'

[note: as of 19 March 2014 the images for this database were viewable, but the index has not actually been completed]

It frustrating when databases do not work correctly.

It is more frustrating when they apparently disappear from websites entirely without notice. I recently had difficulty searching a database on titled "Lübeck, Germany, Citizenship Register, 1591-1919." Now I apparently cannot find it on the site. [note-update 3:31 pm 17 March 2014: A Google search does locate this database which is still on the site here Thanks to LT and MJL for point this out to me on Facebook. It is interesting that Google was the way this had to be located.]

The card catalog doesn't show it.

Catalog search for  Lubeck, Germany database on taken 17 March 2014
 The new databases for Germany doesn't show it.
Screen shot of  recently updated  or new databases for
Germany on taken 17 March 2014
Am I missing something or has it been pulled from the site?
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