27 March 2014

A Leaf is Found 100 Years After It Falls from the Tree

I know some people love them, but this is why I am not an overly big fan of the "leaves" at Ancestry.com.

Results like this are also why I am not a fan of any of Ancestry.com's "broad" based searches. There is casting a wide net and there is attempting to drape the entire ocean in fishnet.

The results as shown below for Ekke Flesner border on the absurd. A man who in my database dies in 1833 is a match for a naturalization in 1880 and New York Passenger list in 1950?

I realize that I may have the death date of Ekke Flesner incorrect, but even if I'm off 100 years that still doesn't explain the 1953 passenger list.
"Leaf" results on Ancestry.com for Ekke Andreesen Flesner died 1 Aug 1833--results obtained on 27 March 2014.
The parameters on the years of the record and the year of the death must be set pretty far apart. I realize some people are happy for any match they get. I also realize that crazy matches like these frustrate new researchers. 

As for me, I prefer results that are reasonable. If Ancestry.com expects me to wade through the leaves, they need to do some pruning of their search parameters.