06 March 2014

A 1954 Judging Contest

Sometimes the items that really "aren't necessary" are some of the most interesting.

This 1954 item from The Farmers' Weekly Review, includes a reference to a 1954 "Field Day" held near Brooklyn, Illinois for American-Angus breeders. As part of the event, there was a cattle judging contest and one of the winners was C. R. Neill of Carthage, my grandfather.
This item appeared in part of the "Field, Farm, and Fireside" collection of digital images on the University of Illinois website.

And while it may seem like a trivial item, there are a few genealogical clues that could be gained if my research on Grandpa was stymied.

It indicates he was alive in 1954, well enough to travel, and living in (or near) Carthage, Illinois. It also served as a good reminder to me of the importance of looking for individuals with their initials and not just their name. (this was located by searching for the terms "neill carthage" in the database). I doubt if this organization has any records that would help in my search, but sometimes references such as these make the researcher aware of memberships that can lead to more genealogical information.

My grandma Neill was alive in 1954 and, if I know anything about her, I bet she stayed home.